What do we mean when we talk about PBX systems? It’s short for private branch exchange, a type of telephone system that has been in use for more than five decades. When PBX systems reached their apex, they were often considered to be a miniature version of the central switching office used by the phone company. When the 1990’s rolled around, there was a great leap forward in telephone technology, and the vast majority of new systems were digital and featured options we take for granted.

Technology has undergone massive changes, and to stay competitive in 21st century America, your employees and clients expect you to keep up. You need to partner with a telecommunications company that not only has the experience to provide maintenance for PBX systems, but can modernize it.

Since 2003, Silver & Black Telecom has been serving clients in and around the Bay Area. Backed by decades of combined experience, we’ve got the expertise to handle any problem. We also know that your business depends on quick solutions, which is why we’re always available and never restricted by business hours. Our friendly team handles everything from repairs, system maintenance and transitions — anything you need to keep growing.

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